Considering having your alarm monitored ?  Then consider this:-

Alarm Monitoring Service

Our Security Alarm Monitoring Service (SAMS) is located right here in SA, and offers many benefits.

Starting @ less than $1 per day, it makes good sense, and offers great peace of mind.

Our 24 Hour, GRADE A1, SA POLICE accredited control room facility is  STATE OF THE ART bar none.

SAMS currently monitor numerous State Government departments, and airports, including Adelaide.

Monitoring Contacts

In the event of an alarm, we can notify the respective authorities and contacts, as agreed to by yourself.

As well as burglaries, other events such as Smoke detectors or Codepad Emergency alarms, such as FIRE, AMBULANCE or POLICE, can be actioned accordingly.

In commercial premises, we can also action other alarms, such as invalid access of employees, machinery, refrigeration, computer rooms and plant alarms.

If you don’t have an operational FIXED PHONE LINE, then rest assured we can integrate a 3G or 4G WIRELESS communicator, to monitor your alarm through the mobile phone network.

Security Alarm Monitoring Service – NBN

And if you are worried about the NBN, don’t, as we are “NBN ready”.

Click here for more information –  NBN Ready

Lower Insurance Premiums if Monitored

Don’t forget to inform your INSURANCE COMPANY of your intended alarm monitoring as it should qualify you for a discount on your insurance policy.