CCTV Camera Security Solutions

Currently there are a multitude of different CCTV camera systems available on the market.

From your inexpensive Analogue DIY systems, for the home or small business, up to your IP / PTZ systems for Commercial premises including office and warehouses, AHS can tailor make a CCTV system, to meet your needs.

CCTV Camera Choices

  • ANALOGUE – basic system up to 16 cameras (700TVL) using a DVR (digital video recorder)
  • SDI – high definition up to 2MP with greater flexibility & resolution than basic analogue using an SDI DVR
  • TVI – high definition up to 8MP, great replacement for analogue systems using Coax cable and a TVI DVR
  • IP – advanced digital system up to 8MP cameras, using a NVR (network video recorder)

**** All CCTV systems installed by AHS are SMART PHONE and TABLET compatible ****

Contact us for options and pricing.